Legacy Leaders : Sfc ( Ret )

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Legacy Leaders: SFC (Ret.) Mark C. Daw
SFC (Ret.) Mark C. Daw is the subject of this Leader’s Legacy paper. SFC Daw served for over twenty years in the United States Army Signal Corps. SFC Daw served during the Cold War in the Berlin Brigade, in Operation Desert Storm, in Bosnia during Implementation Force (I-FOR), and in Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06. A career paratrooper, SFC Daw’s leadership style involved leading from the front at all times, superior tactical and technical proficiency, a hand of discipline tempered by wisdom, and developing his Soldiers professionally and personally. SFC Daw’s example serves as one worthy of emulation by all Soldiers, regardless of expertise or field. I am the Soldier I am today because of SFC Daw.
SFC Daw did not join the Army straight from high school. Before he joined the Army SFC Daw ran a steakhouse. He did well in this pursuit but economic circumstances beyond his control negatively impacted his restaurant. The steakhouse was losing money and it was straining his relationship with his wife. He needed a change. He enlisted in the United States Army as a signal support Soldier and paratrooper. He left his old life behind and embarked on a journey that would impact more people than he thought possible.
Before I met SFC Daw in 2001 in Korea, he had had a long and distinguished career. SFC Daw served in the Berlin Brigade before spending the rest of his career in the airborne community at Fort Bragg. He served in Desert

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