The Medi A Helping Hand For Eating Disorders

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Crystal Medina-Corchado Professor DeLuise ENGL-1105-40-F15 25 October 2015 The Media: A Helping Hand for Eating Disorders The media has taken a majority of time in the modern world, while morphing the ability to influence thought processes and how the brain perceives things around it. Television, for example, and even more so relevant—the Internet are the most powerful forms of media as they are able to produce advertisements that reflect and are more relatable to the targeted audience. Since the beginning of the Internet, researchers have been trying to figure out the effects of the media on our everyday lives such as the targeted effects of the effects of media violence on aggression, pornography and political issues. However the media’s, and the internet’s influences do not end there; they are able to affect our views and beliefs on several portions in our lives. A significant element to the media is the influence of advertising, with its goal to ultimately persuade the audience about products or lifestyle choices of interest. One of the stereotype ideas that media seems to promote relates to body image for both males and females. Media today has set standards about who is considered attractive and fashionable, and size 0, or even 00, seems to be the appropriate figure for a women in order to be considered attractive. Messages promote the idea that in order to be successful and attractive you have to be thin, or extremely muscular. These distorted messages have caused

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