The Media And Its Effect On Society

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Today, many people don 't look just for someone they identify with in their everyday life, or in people society, such as politicians or well-known actresses. Though they 're still icons of our day, many people in our technological and media influenced days look toward television, film, books and other forms of arts. However, representation is not always fair nor is it proper when it comes to certain groups of human society. Many people who struggle with discrimination in their daily life, struggle with finding proper and real representation in our mainstream media.
Minority representation in today 's mainstream media has been lacking for generations as suggested by the low numbers in minority groups, multiple stereotyping storylines and
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Evidence provides more than nearly half of the characters mentioned were gay men, and within this year of overwhelming gay men, twenty-five of the characters that were lesbian women were given scripted deaths.
This rough overview of just a few different minority groups, even within a large minority group provides a basis of numerical data showing the lacking of characters. Providing the visual of less than five percent of characters fall into the LGBTQ+ category and of that five percent only thirty percent of it were people of nonwhite races, shows that a record high for television is still severely lacking. How is media providing a basis for a realistic society when the mass media have such severely lacking numbers in television today.
Within the struggles of how much representation is given to those in minority groups. Previous evidence mentioned –when considered and contrasted to other media related deaths – the twenty-five lesbian deaths in media (whether accidental or not) in the last year. This act against lesbian women falls into an age long trope. Many groups represented are often stereotyped via storylines, tropes, and stereotypes considered toxic, a struggle many minority groups face. Portraying toxic environments and stereotypes that influences the society today. Going off from an
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