The Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Jim Morrison, an American song writer, singer and poet, once said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”. The Media have become one of the most dominant source of education of the 21st century. We could argue that most Americans use the media as their main source of information. The side effect of that is the fact that the media are very polarized. With the ongoing polarization, we could hypothesize that people would have been more politically educated and oriented if the media was not infiltrated.
Mass media are expected to be educational. Public opinion relies on upon learning about what is happening in the nation and the world. The media furnishes the public with this learning through an assortment of means: radio, print news coverage, television and the Internet. Hence, the media make national legislative issues conceivable. Without mass media, hopefuls would just have the capacity to keep running at the nearby level, where they could discuss actually with the electorate. Media makes it feasible for voters to acclimate themselves with competitors and stages notwithstanding when they are far away. Individuals require news/information for different reasons, on one hand it can be utilized to mingle and on the other to settle on choices and define opinions. Excitement would be the other capacity of the mass media where it is generally utilized by the masses to interest them in the present day chaotic environment. Teaching the masses about their rights, good,

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