The Media And Its Influence On Society

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It is normal for humans to be egocentric, even when we do not realize that we are acting in this fashion. Merriam Webster’s defines egocentric as being “concerned with the individual rather than society.” This means that a short and simple definition should be something like, only being concerned with what you want, and not caring about the wants of those around you. A similar word sociocentrism means “a tendency to assume the superiority or rightness of one’s own social group.” A simple definition for this would be, the view that your social group is better than others. So now that we have these two concepts and their definitions, how are they promoted throughout the media? The media today is as expansive as it has ever been. Stretching from Television, movies, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Most of these sources are bursting with either egocentric thinking, or sociocentric thoughts. Let’s start with television and movies, the basic formula for an action filled presentation is fairly straight forward. They introduce a strong, independent, and usually attractive individual, usually a male but not always, who is the only individual in that universe who is capable, or competent, enough to either stop the villain, or save the day, though usually both. This individual usually has everything planned out already and has a plan so full proof that it’s impossible for them to be anything but confident. This can have an effect on the audience who in a way looks up to
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