The Media And Liberal Democracy

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The Media and Liberal Democracy Name: Areez Somani Professor: Dr. David Hoogenboom Student Number: 250644546 Due Date: July 19, 2015 Our society is based upon a set of key main ingredients that have led us to today’s era of information technology. This vast array of technological advancements concerning the internet, television, mobile devices and even newspapers all share one unique characteristic, they are controlled and manipulated by the media (Diamond, 2010, pg 5). When referring to the media, this work refers to the channels that distribute news and its content. This includes any forms of technology as long as there is an interface between message and the general public. The media tends to project information in any way they see fit, mainly when concerning political, racial and biased topics that are very sensitive in nature (Ungerleider, 1991. pg 24). In essence, the media is one of the most powerful entities that exist because of the controlling dynamics of information (Chan, 1994, pg 54). They can curve political agendas, promote racial class subcultures, and create public opinion with regards to any social issues. Depending on the audience, the way information is presented, or ‘skewed’, can create a dynamic lasting effect. History shows that media has played a crucial role in the formation of certain prejudices we so often encounter every day in our lives. In Canada and the United States, we are fortunate to live in an ideal

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