The Media In The Movies

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Moving on, zombies and the lower class have an interesting future ahead. According to the essay “The Media in the Movies” zombies make their interactions primarily through pop culture and media. Media is becoming the way of life around most of the world. Nearly everything is now digital and accessible via an electronic device. This electronic domination can go both ways for zombies as their initial appeal method of movies may take a hit because less people are heading to movie theaters and are watching movies and television shows via streaming websites such as Netflix. According to “” there has been a steep decline of about five percent in movie theater attendance. This can potentially hurt the zombie appeal because movies are a huge display point for zombies and having a decline in movie theater attendance mean less people are watching the zombie brand. On the flip side, it is beginning to look like zombies are no longer relying on items such as movies but instead focus on television shows in hopes of expanding the brand. Numerous zombie incorporated television shows such as “The Walking Dead” have rapidly gained popularity as these shows are becoming much watch TV for many people. In the midst of all this it seems as zombies aren’t being hurt but rather changing. Which is similar to the lower class as it will continue to evolve as well. In the current United States economic system, the middle class is shrinking and soon there will only be a lower and an
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