Essay on The Media Influence on Body Image

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Researchers have used various abstract foundations for examining the relationship between media and body image ( Holmstrom, 2004). Here I review the theory that has been used by researcher in the area. Bandura’s Social cognitive theory (1994) assumed that “people learn and model the behaviors of attractive others”. The supporters of this theory suggest that young women find slim models in the media attractive and try to imitate them through dieting which leads them to eating disorders.
Body image refers to a person’s unique perception of his/her body. It is how we perceive ourselves, how we think we appear to others, and how we feel about our looks from “our own internal view” (cash, 1990b, p. 51).This internal view is …show more content…

Advertisement also has a great impact on promoting the slim ideals among women. For example the advertisement campaign for Virginia Slims Cigarettes deliberately promoted the message that smoking could help a women become slimmer and hence not only sold cigarettes but also sold the slim ideal of women.(33)

What are the effects of media on women’s physical appearance and body image?
Emphasis in slenderness among women has contributed to the growth of the weight loss/dieting and cosmetics industries. (Cultivation and social comparison, p. 4).
The pressure to conform has driven a growing number of teens to pursue permanent make-up, extensive dieting and cosmetic surgery (Martin and Kennedy, 1993). (Impact of media spokeswomen, p. 1)
What are the different sources of media influencing the body image?
Television and other media represent one of the most important influences on adolescents’ health and behavior (strasburger and donnerstein, 1999). (impact of media spokeswomen, p. 2)
Researchers found out that the number of Female are exposed to supermodel-like images everyday via tv ,diet and exercise- related magazine advertisements and articles that affect their body image perceptions, purchasing behavior, and self confidence.(impact of media spokeswomen, p. 1)

Why are women more concerned about their body weight loss and shape than men?
Today, we

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