The Media, Oppression, And The Islam

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What do most people imagine when they hear the terms “Islam” or “Muslim”? Is it a flattering picture? Perhaps it is the image of a dirty, turban wearing, dark skinned man. Or a culture that is often described as psychopathic, radical, and only consisting of terrorists. This cruel image has affected the treatment of Arabic people and religion by forcing Muslims to endure stereotypes that cause discrimination and hostility. The main source that upholds the harsh view of Islamic culture is the strong media bias. However, the media would not hold such a strong influence over the general population if people took time to consider the source of this partiality. In the process of understanding the media, oppression, and the Islam religion, as well as how the elements are intertwined, the simple solution of education presented itself; a result that allows for a better understanding and recognition of discrimination in mass media. Education is the solution to prejudiced westernized media that has projected Islamophobia for years; triggering hatred, discrimination, oppression, and pure racism- especially in the United States after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001- to an entire culture.
The basic purpose of mass media is to provide the public with easy access to reliable and accurate information, yet there is a shift in priorities, as coverage focuses more on what the audience wants to hear rather than actual facts. This focus can become dangerous when biased westernized

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