The Medical Assistant Of A Hospital Or Doctor's Office

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Over the course of four years I studied and worked hard to learn the rules, laws, regulations and procedures that a medical assistant will be required to know in order to work in a hospital or doctor’s office. Since then I have achieved in attaining many licenses, one of them just so happened to be my Medical Assisting license. With this license I have been able to get a behind the scene look to the works and procedures some medical offices go through on a daily basis. Every day for the past 2 months I have learned the ins and outs of two health providing facilities. One in a clinic of a nursing home, the other in a family physician office, both ran very differently and in completely different locations. I thought interning like this, although the trip was very difficult, would give me a better comparison of how seriously they take HIPAA regulation. My research entitles me to go beyond the patient role and discover whether or not most healthcare providers comply with HIPAA and other privacy codes as they say they do when we, the patients, sign all those privacy contracts at their offices. Through some research and investigation I intend to find out how safe we really are, and if we should confide our medical records in the hands and equipment of these healthcare providers?
As Medical Assistants we are taught to comprehend basic, yet, very important laws applied to all aspects involving the healthcare career in order to keep a professional and safe environment for both the…

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