The Medical Hospital

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Chamberlain Medical Hospital

Never have there been so many news trucks, reporter, and protester outside of the Chamberlain Medical Hospital. Chamberlain a well-known prestigious hospital in the Dunwoody community is facing a horrible reproach. This hospital had worked so hard to deliver a new standard of excellence in prevention and wellness care, advanced treatment procedures, latest technologies, and protection of their clients. How awful that all this can change within one night and one act of selfishness. The misuse of cellphones and social media within the hospital staff can lead to serious cases against the hospital as well as the staff member involves. Security provision such as Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act know as HIPAA, legal, Regulatory law is design to protect client when technology is use in such a way to attack the client privacy, however the use of these technological tool smartphone and social media is not all detrimental to healthcare just as there are disadvantages there are some advantages yet in the scenario present we will reflect on how thing should conducted differently.
Today people privacy is a thing of past thanks to the advance technology network and devices. The United State design a law to protect privacy standards of clients. HIPAA serve as a board umbrella not only for the protection of client’s medical record, insurance, and diagnosis but it aids in Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act…
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