The Medicines Company Case

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Q1 Value: Angiomax is a blood-thinning drug, or anticoagulant, used in emergency coronary heart care. Angiomax is positioned as an alternative to heparin, the most commonly used anticoagulant in emergency coronary heart care, so to assess Angiomax value to a hospital is required to compare these two drugs. First of all is necessary to analyze the differences in effectiveness of the products in treatments. The use of heparin has associated some general disadvantages like: • Unpredictable effects: it is difficult to use properly since its effectiveness depends on achieving a certain level of anticoagulation of the blood, too much might lead to uncontrolled bleeding and too little might not prevent a blood clot • • High risk of…show more content…
Other important trends were impacting the USA drug market, and are able to support the concomitant increase of the particular market for drugs used in coronary heart care: • People are becoming older: very important fact since people aged 65 or over correspond only to 15% of the population but represent 33% of prescription drug sales. It is possible to conclude that due to the aging population, the market for prescription drugs is expected to increase • Coronary heart disease was the leading cause of death in the USA: during the late 20 century accounts for 1 in each 5 deaths • Coronary heart disease is transmitted genetically: which means that in the future the number of people with this type of pathology is expected to growth, since the previous American generations had already suffer from some heart problems • The modern societies rhythm of life and bad habits: the constant stressed faced by people in their daily life associated with some risky behaviors like smoke, drink, fast-food and lack of physical activity increased exponentially the risk of an individual to suffer from any heart problem in the near future By the late 90’s, 14 million Americans had some form of coronary heart disease, from which 1.5 million experienced unstable angina each year and another 1.1 million suffered from a heart attack. These patients with unstable angina or heart attacks require emergency care and therefore needed an
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