The Men of the Open Spaces - Focuses on the the Australian bush culture.

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Identity is a very important part of being Australian; it is a feeling of being associated with a national group, defined by a common heritage, which may be based on many attributes, including race, territory, language and history. "The Men of the Open Spaces", written be Will H. Ogilvie addresses these issues of Australian identity, constructing a powerful representation of the Australian 'bush ' culture. The text uses past views of popular culture that are still ubiquitous today, to construct a sense of national ideology. The text focuses on a very traditional concept of nationhood and constructs a stereotypical representation of Australian culture. This essay will explore this in relation to the discourses
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We live in a very classless society, and when we feel someone is a high achiever we show or feel contempt towards them, which is commonly referred to as the 'tall poppy syndrome '. This idea is excluding wealthy or successful people in Australian society. Australian 's strong belief of egalitarianism and anti-authoritarianism are foregrounded with relationships to the discourse of class in society.

Australia 's environment is focused in the text and reinforces the
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