The Mental Health Of Psychiatric Nursing

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My interview is with a 27 year old male nurse by the name of Ryan Eads who has had experience with the mental health for the past 10 years. Eads is currently employed in Rockford IL, at Swedish American Hospital. Prior to our interview I researched online just what questions to ask and familiarize myself on basic terms to better understand what Mr. Eads would be informing me of.
While researching I found that Psychiatric nursing encompasses a fully holistic care model. A Psychiatric mental health (PMH) nurse must assess and integrate a patient’s medical, physical, social, cultural, socioeconomic, etc. considerations with his /her mental health concerns. Psychiatric nursing is equal parts knowledge, compassion, and intuition leveraged by experience. Psychiatric nurses deliver care with a planned emphasis on addressing the very areas of health and the mind that other nursing and medical disciplines view as an afterthought or footnote to the priority of physical/biological care. Psychiatric nurses, by helping a client to improve and positively progress in their mental health, can impact that client’s ability to maintain healthy lifestyles, medical regimens, employability, community integration and productivity. Psychiatric nurses are essential to the real-time enhancement of their client’s quality of life.
Q. Mr. Eads what does a PMH nurse do on an average day?
A. An average day as a PMH nurse consists of report and rounds with my fellow nurses. Talking with/assessing each

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