The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Writing is seen as a way for the author to freely express his or her ideas to the public. In writing, the author has control of every aspect of their work and this allows for the writer, no matter the world state, to have a sense of freedom and control inside their work. The 20th century, battered by economic depression and two world wars, saw these writers take their creative control and emphasize the current state of the freedom and control of the individual. Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, various World War I poems, and Brecht’s Fear and Misery of the Third Reich show the lack of individual freedom and control that people had over their lives during the destruction that occurred in the 20th century. Published in 1915, Franz Kafka’s The …show more content…

They simply took what they could get in order to make money and keep the family alive and well.
Along with his job, Gregor’s physical metamorphosis also shows his lack of freedom and control. Upon awakening to find himself now a bug, Gregor cannot reposition himself on his right side, which is his preferred sleeping position (Meta. 11). In his new state he struggles to perform basic motor functions showing his limitations and decreased freedom to simply walk like a human. A particularly powerful scene is when he is trying to open his bedroom door (Meta. 19). His struggle to turn the key with his mouth vividly shows that Gregor has lost all control in his life. He can no longer function as a human, let alone provide for his family through work. He becomes a burden to the family, which for him, is one of the worst feelings he could have experienced because of how seriously he took being the provider. Finally, in his last moments, Gregor experiences the complete loss of movement due to his injury, which symbolizes people in the early 20th century feeling stuck in place regarding their economic situation (Meta. 49). Again, we see Gregor having no physical control or freedom to move. The only thing left for him to do is die, which he realizes is necessary for his family to move on in life (Meta. 50). Through Kafka’s physical and occupational restraints on Gregor, he displays

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