The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Paul Kim Professor Teresa McCarty AP Language 27 October 2015 The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka led a life filled with struggles, particularly evident in his relationship with his father. His experiences and feelings in life are manifested throughout his writings, as the themes in his life dominate the themes of his works, especially so in his novella, The Metamorphosis. Through his extended metaphor of Samsa as a vermin, Kafka illustrates the family dynamic present throughout his life, that of his family, and particularly his father, devaluing and isolating him. The situation and background in which Kafka was brought up holds particular significance throughout his career, as it led to his insecurity, evidenced through examination of his life …show more content…

Straus even writes that Kafka wished to escape from his “image of an unequivocal, completely virile body.” (Nina Pelikan Straus) Kafka was uncomfortable in himself and wished to escape his own situation and the image he was given. In this desire for escape, the insecurity of Kafka, brought upon by his very living situation becomes evident. Even Gregor has “no relationships that last or get more intimate.” (Metamorphosis) Gregor’s inability to further relationships mirrors Kafka’s own experience. Kafka could not develop relationships nor become more intimate with people, illustrating his loneliness. Kafka’s upbringing and background provide clear insight into Kafka’s own insecurities. Additionally, Kafka’s relationships with his family members further demonstrate the devaluation and isolation present in his life. Concerning the novella, Straus writes, “the narration focuses on how Gregor invalidates his family, how his family invalidates and destroys Gregor.” (Nina Pelikan Straus) The story itself focuses on Gregor’s exile from his family by his family. Such exile reflects the invalidation of Kafka in his own and the destruction Kafka felt from his own family. Furthermore, Gregor’s father states that “if he could understand us, then maybe we could come to an agreement with him.” (Metamorphosis) Kafka’s own father was unable to come to terms with him and his experience is paralleled by Gregor and his

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