The Methods Of Data Mining Industry On The Individual 's Past Behavior Of Similar Users

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Recommender systems as a specific kind of information filtering (IF) method that tries to show information items like movies, music, books, news, images, web pages, etc. that are likely of interest to the user. In general, it is relied on an information item named the content-based approach or the user 's social environment named the collaborative filtering approach. The major four approaches for recommendations:
Personalized recommendation - recommend things based on the individual 's past behavior. Social recommendation - recommend things based on the past behavior of similar users. Item recommendation - recommend things based on the item itself.
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The support is a measure of statistical importance while confidence is a measure of the strength of the rule. The rule is attractive when its support and confidence are more than user defined threshold Supmin and Conmin. There are two thresholds: Ps is a lower bound on the support of the rule while Pa is a lower bound on the accuracy of the rule (Suguna & Sharmila, 2012).
Although association rule methods have advantages, there are also some limitations that might cause loosing information. Exemplary association rules concentrate on the co-occurrence of items like purchased products, visited web pages, etc. within the transaction set. A single transaction can be a payment for purchased products or services, an order with a set of items with a historical session in a web portal. Alternate independence of items, products and web pages, is one of the most significant hypotheses of the technique, but it is not fulfilled in the web domain. Web pages are linked with each other by using hyperlinks, and they often calibrate all potential navigational paths. A user can enter the required web page address URL to a browser. However, most navigation is completed with the help of hyperlinks created by site administrators. Hence, the web structure sorely incarcerates visited list of pages, user sessions, which are not independent of one another as products in a ideal store. To access a page, the user is usually imposed to

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