The Mexico-American War

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The Mexico-American war resulted directly in the death of 13,000 Americans. But, has effected hundreds of millions, as through this war, a new America was conceived- and the due date was May 9, 1865- the end of the civil war. The Mexico-American war had a mammoth effect on the domestic policies of America because it made lying and taking justified with success and unproven speculations, promoted sectionalism, and provided the federal government extended territory to govern. The Mexico-American war is similar to Salem witch trials. Americans justified their desire for expansion, specifically California, with the belief that God’s desire was for the United States to expand and take over Mexican territory. The Salem witch trials involved prospected…show more content…
With technological advances the war could have been even more deadly and dividing. Worse, a delayed civil war is synonymous with a delayed united America. This would dramatically effect all American policies, because a united nation is at the epitome of all American policies. This war tipped the scale, making the sectionalism unbearable. The Sectionalism that linked to the civil war was promoted because the simple question: Where should slavery be expanded to in the conquered territory? This proves that sectionalism and expansion were related.
This issue over the conquered territory and their eventual statehood changed American policy. Eventually, the conquered territories became states. At that point, the federal government represented a larger territory. Representing a larger territory mean that more ideas and viewpoint need to be considered before making decisions. Also, people will specifically represent these states in congress. Many legislation that effects our daily life would be altered if this territory was not conquered. The Mexico-American war created many precedents that changed American domestic policies. Because of the Mexico- American war, the process initiating the inevitable civil war was expedited, a large territory of land was added, sectionalism was promoted, and people were willing to believe unproven ideas to gain a greater
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