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Immigration in America
The dictionary defines immigration as coming to a foreign country and making it a permanent home. In an article on the Migration Information Source website, Jie Zong and Jeanne Batalova report about thirteen percent of the U.S population consists of immigrants, (Zong, Batalova). Some U.S. citizens do not think America should allow immigrants to cross the border. Probably because U.S. citizens now, aren 't being treated how we should and now they can just cross the border and get privileges that American citizens can 't receive. Looking at the bigger picture, there is no definite way to prevent them from crossing the U.S border. Usually immigrants cross the border in hopes to improve their lives and their family 's lives. Do they affect our society and costs, such as economic costs? Of course they do, but the percentage of immigrants in the United States will only keep rising. If you think about it, immigrants can be a good thing. Those that cross the border look for the benefits of the American economy such as job opportunities, education, and even freedom. As the United States assists them, we profit from them as well. For example, cultural diversity, a variety of cultures and religions, or cultural diversity.
When Immigrants come to the states they search for means that will help them profit the most. They believe that our country has more opportunities than others. What does the United States have that could help them? “In 2013, Immigrants

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