The Migration Of Diaspora And Diaspora Studies Essay

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‘Diaspora’ has its roots in the Greek word Diaspeirein – “to scatter about, disperse”. 'Dia ' means “about, across” and 'Speirein ' means “to scatter". Earlier, Diaspora was used to refer to citizens of a dominant city who immigrated to a conquered land with the purpose of colonization, to absorb the territory into the empire. That is why there are a lot of arguments between scholars as to what ‘Diaspora’ and ‘Diaspora studies’ mean. Diaspora is located between cultures, between majority and minority, nation and non-nation, citizen and foreigner, original and hybrid.
The Indian Diaspora is a general term to describe the people who migrated from India. Migration has taken place due to historical, political and economic reasons including higher education, better prospects and marriage. However, the migrated Indian community has showed greater sense of adjustments, adaptability, mobility and accessibility.
During the ancient times a large number of Indians migrated to other parts of Asia to spread Buddhism and to trade. During the British period, a major lot of Indians migrated due to misery, deprivation and sorrow to the U.K, Africa and U.S.A. Migration was also in wave in the nineteenth century in order to flourish to the developed economies like the U.K., U.S.A. Australia etc. It was a major wave as it gave rise to immigration either to study or settle and it goes on till present date following the footsteps of the succeed lot. The situation today is that the Indian
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