The Milgram / Burger Experiment And The Asch Experiment And Group Minds

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Everyone is born with some sort of obedience. We tend to be obedient to a group or someone with power. Groups especially have a major effect because they can act as a source of authority. Us human are social animals which means we depend on others rather than only being independent. We claim to be independent however when the there is multiple individuals influencing us we immediately join them because we don't want to be the ones left out. This leads to collectivism which is an individual belongs to the group and does everything to the greater good of the group. By looking at “The Milgram/Burger Experiment”, “The Stanford Prison Experiment”, “Group Minds” by Lessing and “The Asch Experiment” we can see all four of them display the power of obedience and examples of group influence on an individual. This is important because it helps us determine how obedient a person is and at what point is it considered dangerous.

To start it off, “The Milgram Experiment” and “The Burger Experiment” are both practically the same thing. They include 2 participants. One is the student and one is the teacher. The student is in a separate room hooked up to an electric shocking device and the teacher is witht the experiment in a separate room where he/she is said to read a list of prds and the student is supposed to remember the word pair. The student is actually an actor and is not being shocked but is told to make it seem real. This experiment helps determine the obedience of a naive

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