The Millennial Generation : Social Networking

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Courtney Marben Professor Nownes English 1108 4 August 2015 The Millennial Generation The social networking phenomenon has transformed the way friends and families connect, meet, and interact with each other. People from all around the world are able to connect because of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Social networking has become an aspect of daily communication for most millennials. Throughout the evolution of social networking comes the popularization of the selfie. One click of the camera has created a fracture between generations. Millennials view selfies as a way to document and share experiences while older generations view selfie takers as narcissistic and disconnected. The millennial generation was deeply affected by social networking, and by examining selfies, we can learn that this generation values beauty, peer approval, and companionship. Social networking sites continue to gain in users and popularity. The first social networking sites were created in the 1990’s (Edosomwan et al. 3). These sites included Six Degrees, BlackPlanet, and MoveOn (Edosomwan et al. 3). Some of these sites are still in existence. The most popular social networking site, Facebook, was launched in February 2004 (Edosomwan et al. 4). After 6 years Facebook was noted to have over 500 million active users (Edosomwan et al. 4). As of March 2015, Facebook had 1.4 billion active users (Statista). Social networking sites have changed the way we connect to each

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