The Mirror Of Fear Essay

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The Mirror of Fear A long time ago, in a far away tropical land called Nira there was a great kingdom, known for its power, heroes and beautiful buildings. They were feared for all other kingdoms and anyone had ever been able to beat them in a single battle. But the royal castle from this land had a curse, hidden inside one of the many rooms of the place. A mirror, as old as the history of the humans and whatever other living being there ever existed in that land, was the only thing that feared the niran people. This old piece, as the legend says, was wrought with swords of dead brave warriors for a blacksmith, he know his work would be incredibly and successful, but he could never guess what would arise from that. When he finished his beautiful work, he …show more content…

She was completely normal, she cleaned the mirror without knowing about its history and anything happened to her. The man got so surprised and ran to the king’s room to call Pritz. When the king arrived he almost could not believe. When they asked to the woman what she had seen in the mirror she said she had seen a shadow, but that went away while she stared at her. The king told her the history of Timo’s mirror and she said something tbat the entire Legion of warriors defeated by the mirror did not knew: you cannot kill your fears like your battle enemies, all you can do is learning how to deal with them. Pritz asked to the woman to brake the mirror, so she did it, to give an end in that terrible artifact. The king, surprised by the knowledge of that lady, gave her the fortune promised to the warrior who could defeat the mirror. Fija decided to use the fortune to leave the land and know others places and legends. She did it for a long time, until she was very old, when she decided to come back to Nira to live the rest of her life close to the place where her destiny had changed in such an amazing

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