The Mission Of The Housing Authority Of New Orleans

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The mission of the Housing Authority of New Orleans is to provide affordable housing opportunities for low-income residents of the city of New Orleans, while laying the foundation for economic sustainability.
This paper will come from a problem solving perspective on the case of Mrs. Marva Jackson. Mrs. Marva Jackson is a 55 year old women who has 8 kids. She’s been a resident of the Fischer Housing Development her whole life. So she should be aware of Housing Authority of New Orleans housing policies on what is required and what isn’t required. Well, Mrs. Marva have come through many challenges in her life. One tragedy is that two of her children were found deceased under the bridge, one daughter passed away from an unknown illnesses and three sons have mental illnesses. Due to the trials Mrs. Marva have dealt with in life have caused her to develop a hoarder’s disorder. This disorder have caused Mrs. Marva to consume her life collecting items that bring value to what was lost in her life. She has collected a lot of items and have caused her home to become clutter. However, due to the rules and regulations by Hano; a tenant cannot block hallways and walkways in the unit in case of a fire. Due to Mrs. Marva illnesses, she rarely employed and has a hard time staying employed.
Mrs. Marva lack of employment have caused her bills to get behind, which has landed her on the eviction list. Housing Authority Policy demands that anyone, who is on Section 8 and is living within one

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