The Mission of Stopping Creatures

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“Damn it Will, we’re going to be late because of you. Hurry up man.”
Kai was done dressing long before William had even started, and his patience was running low, not that he had much patience to begin with. He stormed towards the closet door and was ready to drag his friend out of it, but as he stepped closer to it, the door opened without him needing to break it down. William stepped out of the pea-sized closet, and Kai couldn’t help but stop in his tracks and stare. The young man’s pastel lavender hair was slightly combed over to the right and looked very professional, compared to his casual messy yet classy do. He was of course wearing a suit; it was dark grey with a lighter grey vest and paired with a bright magenta diamond-patterned tie, loosened slightly at the neck. Kai always thought that William was made for suits, or at least that the suits he wore were made for him as they always fit so well on his slim and tall body. He looked down at himself, and noticed his own outfit which consisted of a loose leather jacket, underneath was an army green V-neck that was tightened due to his attempt at washing his own clothes. He paired it with baggy holed up jeans and old shoes that William always threated to throw away because of how ugly they were. His outfit definitely portrayed the amount of effort he put in picking it out. “Um, are you done staring at me? I mean, I know I look good, but I should remind you that we are running out of time sir” Will smirked at his friend,

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