The Mockingjay in Suzanne Collins Hunger Games Series

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In Suzanne Collins third book of her hunger games series, called mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen, her young sister prim, and her friends adjust to the strict life of the underground city of District 13. Now the home of Katniss, district 13 has become the center of focus from the capitals destructive war on the rebel forces. The scrambling district 13 convinces Katniss to be “the mockingjay” and lead the rebels in their fight for freedom. Katniss is unhappily kept out of actual combat until she is in a tragic battle involving the bombing of a hospital at District 8. Meanwhile Katnisses lover Peeta is being held by the Capitol and forced to mock Katniss and the rebels on live television which is broadcasted throughout the districts. During one broadcast, though, he exposes the Capitol's surprise plan to bomb District 13. This saved many lives during the ensuing explosions. Sadly the capitol uses torture to brainwash peeta into fearing Katniss. Soon afterward, District 13 leads a successful mission to rescue Peeta and other tributes of the most recent Hunger Games, but Peeta immediately attempts to kill Katniss upon their reunion. Therapy improves Peeta's mental condition over time, but he still has some of outbursts of rage towards Katniss
A controversial strategy proposed by a friend of Katniss named Gale wins a decisive victory in District 2, readying the rebel forces to launch a final attack on the Capitol. Katniss and her team of friends are deployed on a trivial mission to

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