The Model Of A Health Care Delivery System

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Abstract Roemer’s model of a health care delivery system shows the different necessary elements for a system to be successful. As health needs are the input; the system needs resources, organization of programs, economic support mechanisms, and delivery of services to provide the health needs output (Roemer, p 33). Able 2 is an organization that provides services to people with disabilities. They have many resources, but perhaps not enough to meet the health needs of every consumer. They have well organized programs, have economic support, and can deliver services completely and holistically to produce health as the output of the client. The most important implication that was found in analyzing Able 2 was the need for increased resources as they are not able to meet the needs for every client in need of its services. Ultimately though, Able 2 is an excellent organization that provides an array of services for those people with disabilities. Finance Mechanisms Economic support mechanisms are one of the major components needed in a health care delivery system (Roemer, p 33). Without income, an organization would fail. Able-2 is a non-profit organization (NPO) and a non-government organization (NGO) in the private sector. They have been tax-exempt both by state and federal taxes since 1978. Under the umbrella of an NPO, its purpose must be charitable and all revenue, after normal expenditures, must serve the public’s interest (DeMartinis, 2005). In 2013, income
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