The Model Of Reflective Thinking : Reporting

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Communication involves “the successful passing of a message from one person to another” (Murtagh, 2007, p.23). Whether it is through body language, listening and spoken word, we continually exchange messages between each other. In most professions, effective communication skills are necessary for the development of successful workplace relationships and foster appropriate, respectful client care (Stein-Parbury, 2012,p.194). In the healthcare field, interpersonal skills are fundamental in building rapport and therapeutic relationships between the patient and other associates (Ross, 2013, p.2). To understand the importance of communication skills, I interviewed a General Practitioner who specializes in Skin Cancer to reflect on these skills …show more content…

According to Murtagh (2007, p.16) addressing the patient by his or her preferred name, establishes good rapport and in turn sets the foundation of a therapeutic relationship (Murtagh, 2007, p.16). In the unit so far, we have studied that rapport building is established by encouraging others to communication with you. As Dr. Reyes mentions in the interview, the skill of active listening allows the patient to communicate and creates this cooperative environment between both parties (personal communication, August 18, 2015). Thus, the first theme I identified in the video was the use of active listening to build rapport and set a cooperative atmosphere to foster appropriate client care. Although active listening is a vital skill in establishing rapport, verbal communication is necessary for therapeutic client relationships. This leads to the second theme I identified which is that verbal communication sets the foundation of a therapeutic relationship, build rapport and increase the understanding of the client’s needs (Windle & Warren, n.d.).

Relating to personal experience and content of the interview:
As a student nurse, I am very aware of the numerous skills of effective communication used in the nursing practice. After the interview, the discussion highlighted how the communication skills Dr. Reyes used is similar to the skills used in various healthcare professions, more importantly in nursing. With experience working as

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