The Models Of The Automotive Industry

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As general of a concept the automotive industry is, as time goes, anybody will start to observe the different car platforms and consumer markets that emerge from the growing industry. One of such platforms created was the “Pony Car” platform, or more colloquially know as just the 2 door sports car platform. And with this new brand of car came a new brand advertising as well as consumer. Consumers will start to familiarize themselves with the various new ways of advertising through the years in this market. The American consumer sports car market had one of the most dynamic advertising markets of the automotive industry, it changed with the decades and contributed to the creation of the sports car enthusiast demographic we know today.…show more content…
These very appeals as well as what Fowles writes about in his article are very relatable to the automotive industry.
Cars have been an essential part of living for some time now. Ever since mass-production allowed for the wide-spread distribution of cars, they have been paramount to everything from our economy to our daily commute. Globalization along with the growing market caused competition among manufacturers, and so manufacturers had to find ways to appeal to the new competitive consumer market. Automotive advertising started to take a new form and targeted peoples particular interests, emotions, and desires instead of being strictly informative or utilitarian. Even the car themselves had to change along with the decades to provide luxuries and compete with the market. Although many car manufactures took steps in the right direction, one great example of this changing market is the 1955 Ford Thunderbird.
For Ford, the Thunderbird was a luxury consumer family car platform that started in 1955. It featured specifications that fared well in the competitive market. The Thunderbird could have come in either four seats or two seated versions. Ford advertised the car like they would have any other car, however, the advertising ultimately did not fit for the two car version of the car. Because of this, the two door Ford Thunderbird is somewhat of a rarity now due to not having been so successful. For Ford, its advertising
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