The Modern Lifestyle Requires Energy

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The modern lifestyle requires energy. Industries need energy in their production; homes need energy to provide a comfortable environment. With the growing awareness of the need of environmental protection, however, there are debates about sources of energy. For the past centuries, fossil fuels have always been the most prominent source of energy generation, but it is certain that they will run out eventually. They are also criticized for polluting the environment and causing the global warming. There are many new energy sources like solar, tidal, or nuclear fusion. Among all the choices, nuclear fusion, although still not practical, has the greatest potential and best outlook. Governments should develop fusion as the future energy source for three reasons. It is efficient, safe, and nearly inexhaustible. First of all, nuclear fusion is the most efficient energy source. It produces a huge amount of power from little material. Moreover, its ‘waste’ product can be used as fusion fuel again. Nuclear fusion produces a large amount of energy. The fusion process happens when two light atoms, typically hydrogen, helium, lithium and their isotopes, are fused together to form heavier element under extreme heat and pressure and release a great amount of energy. Nuclear fusion is a million times more efficient than coal. According to a professor at Cambridge University, the energy produced by nuclear fusion with “100kg of deuterium” and “3 tonnes of lithium” would require “3 million
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