The Modern Router Manufacturers Have Made Home Wireless

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The modern router manufacturers have made home wireless routers easier for non-technical consumers to hook them up. The newer versions comes with different colour codes for ports - making it very easy for home users to connect the necessary cables.

Furthermore, it 's simplified with basic setup configuration by default.

So the lights of the wireless routers are on, and you are able to surf the internet. Great, but it isn 't fully utilised - you are missing out all the additional security features to protect your home network.

The following are the simplest steps to get it up and running properly - without much effort.

1. Have you bought your router yet?

Besides your home computer, this is the other important element to your home IT …show more content…

So if the steps are followed correctly with precision, you should be able to surf Google or any other websites now.

3. Enter the mind of your wireless router

Once the connection is established, and the internet is up and running on your computer - you can finally rub your hands and command your router to do more.

As most routers are managed by any web browser with a default IP address, we suggest that you look up the router 's instruction manual to get hold of that crucial information.

Once you have located them, you can proceed with the following steps:

Open your browser - it can be any browser

Key in your router 's default IP address into the search bar, and then press Enter

It will prompt you for your administrator 's username and password. Don 't panic - it 's all documented in its manual.

Supply the credentials, and then press Enter.

And there you go - you are inside your wireless router 's mind now.

4. Change your router 's password

Before you start exploring the different configurations available, the first thing you need to do is to change your

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