The Monsters of Lusus Naturae by Margaret Atwood and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Lusus Naturae is a story written by Margaret Atwood. It is a story about a girl who had to deal with her appearance because she was different from the other family members. While Frankenstein, is story written by Mary Shirley. It is story about a hideous monster that was created by Victor Frankenstein, and left him to wander all alone in the world. Shelley in Frankenstein and Atwood in Lusus Naturae, wrap their stories around two characters whose physical appearance are similar to one another (Mays 289). Both the stories deal with characters who are struggling to live with the people around them, despite their monstrous appearance. Both the characters were lonely, and needed people who could understand them in their lives. Both characters had a different appearance from that of the ordinary people, but were similar in their appearance. The protagonist in Lusus Naturae says “My yellow eyes, my pink teeth, my red fingernails, the long dark hair that was sprouting on my chest and arms,” (Atwood 224). She knew that she was different from the rest of the people. They were both rejected by the people they called family. Victor created the creature and ran away from him, because of his hideous appearance while the girl in Lusus Naturae was rejected by her family, and they even faked her death. They kept her hidden from the public because of her appearance. She says “in the daytime I stayed shut up in my darkened room. At night, sleepless, I would roam the house,” (Atwood 225).

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