Similarities Between Victor Frankenstein And His Monster

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Being key figures of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein and his monster are in a special relationship with each other. This tie goes far beyond Frankenstein only being the creator of the monster he brings alive. There are numerous similarities and differences of both characters that may or may not lead to the conclusion that Frankenstein has created his own double. One argument for this interpretation, surely, is the genre of Shelley’s novel. As the author’s writings are categorized in the Gothic genre, the doppelganger is one of the common motifs. Therefore, this paper points out striking analogies and discrepancies between Frankenstein and the being he creates, as well as weighing up whether the two characters could be deduced …show more content…

One outstanding contrast refers to their personal histories. While Victor is raised in greatest harmony by his caring parents (Shelley 19), who supply him with love and parental affection, his creature experiences no support whatsoever. The unconditional bond of love that is usually tied between parents and their children cannot be built up among the two main characters of the novel (Shelley 84). Moreover, Frankenstein often mentions the importance of his “companions amiable” (Shelley 21) in Geneva and that he has the luck to enjoy “mutual affection” (25) in his life. As opposed to that, the monster has to endure refusal throughout the whole plot. He is expelled by his own creator and strangers, alike (Shelley 73). Another difference concerning how both figures are raised is their education. Acquiring knowledge seems to be an important issue for Frankenstein’s family. Therefore, Victor is able to learn many languages at home and is even supported in moving to Ingolstadt for his further studies in science (Shelley 21, 25). His monster, on the other hand, is not taught any languages actively, but rather adopts the one spoken by peasants, whom he covertly listens to (Shelley 75). In summary, there are quite a number of differences in how Victor and the monster grow up that affect the way they behave in their later

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