The Mood Of Sonnet IV Of 100 Love Sonnets By Pablo Neruda

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In sonnet IV of 100 Love Sonnets, Pablo Neruda describes a charming memory of him and his lover as they carelessly wonder through a picturesque and serene landscape. Throughout the poem, Neruda uses lifelike imagery as well as ambiguous oxymorons to create an idyllic and dreamy mood. The author exemplifies this in lines 1-2 when he writes, “You will remember that leaping stream where sweet aromas rose and trembled”. In this example, Neruda’s use of personification of the stream and aromas enhances the imagery so that the reader can obtain a more detailed image of the scene. This enforces the idea that the mood is idyllic and dreamy because “leaping streams” and “sweet aromas” are usually phrases that connote a calm and homey feeling or mood.

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