The Morality Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary the definition of physician-assisted suicide is, “suicide by a patient facilitated by means or information (as a drug prescription or indicated of the lethal dosage) provided by a physician who is aware of how the patient intends to use such means or information.” I believe that some forms of euthanasia are moral given the premise that the patient is suffering from an incurable and painful disease and will die in the next few months. Given these exceptional circumstances, physician assisted suicide is permissible granted that the patient as well as the immediate family are motivated by ending the patient’s suffering. There have been many arguments about the legality and the morality of physician-assisted suicide and I believe that it is legal and moral under certain circumstances.
We all heard of the term of euthanizing an animal to end the animals suffering and pain which is a merciful killing. If euthanizing an animal is moral and legal how does that differ from euthanizing a patient that is suffering as well? The reason we decide to euthanize our pets is not because we don’t love them anymore, but we want them to end their pain and suffering. Furthermore, pets become part of the family and choosing to euthanize them is not an easy decision, but in regards to the pet’s best interest, euthanizing them will be more beneficial. The owner will not have to see their beloved pet suffering and have peace in mind that their pet is not

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