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The Most Challenging Thing I reminder it like it was yesterday I was leaving home for the first time in my life to become a United States Marine! I did not know what I had really gotten myself into until it was too late and I was standing on the yellow foot prints for receiving recruits Aug 18th 2008 I thought in my mind that me and my best friend Ruben was going to go at the same time but it did not go that way he left three whole months before me. I did my basic training at Paris inland North Carolina I the first thing that I reminder is that night when we arrived it was very cold and we had no idea what was waiting for use on the other side when we got closer to the base they made us put our heads down it felt like I was going to prison for three months that would feel a lot longer the bus we were on was nice it but the bus driver would not even talk to us it was weird like they was informed not to talk to the recruits then all of a sudden the bus stopped they allowed us to lift up our head but we had no idea where we were at then we see these shaped dressed serious face lowered cover which is the hat that drill instructor wear with their uniform walk over to the bus in a fast pace the door open and he stepped onboard and his first words was "get off my bus you maggits and get outside the circus ride is over and it 's time to come home to your new house of pain get outside and stand on the yellow footprints outside for roll call to make sure that all our maggits are
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