The Most Important Part Of My Life

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As quoted by Peter Diamandis “Nothing is more precious than life... especially the life of your child.” This quote means a lot to me due to the fact that the most important part of my life is my kids. My first daughter was born in 2005 her name is Tabitha then fifteen months later my son was born his name was Dakota. And my last daughter was born in October 2013 and her name is Emma. With a lot of help from my wife, every time that I became a father, I realized I was living the most important moment of my life. When, I my first daughter was about to be born we knew there was something wrong. She was born premature and when she came out she was blue and rushed to the NICU at St Joes Hospital for the first 8 hours of her life. I was not able to see her or hold her after she was born. That was very hard. My wife and I were thinking the worst but when the NICU nurse came we were relieved that nothing happened to her; she was stable but had to stay in the NICU for 8 days. This time was very hard due to the fact I had a job, my step kids at home and I couldn’t stay with my wife overnight. It was very long 8 days but in the end she was released on the eighth day. From there she has been a very overactive child, which we thought she was just being a kid. We were wrong as we found out when she turned 8 that she was diagnosed with ADHD. She was not able to read very well in 2nd grade, however her math skills were above average. We had to use medication to control the ADHA. After

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