Short Story: I Have Eight Hours to Live

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I had just learned that I had eight hours to live. How could this be?!! I was so upset. The anger that I had felt, eventually turned to sadness. Just the thought of everything that I was leaving behind was unbearable. I was horribly hurt and afraid.
The remaining eighth hour and complete seventh hour, I spent contacting family members and telling them of my unfortunate news. My immediate family, my husband D, my mom, dad AC, brother Ambi, and my two sisters, Addi and Theve were the first to hear the news. They immediately stopped what they were doing and rushed over to the house. The conversation was sad and difficult for me because I did not want to tell them I was leaving them, but I had to.
By the sixth hour, my mom had already contacted a pastor and he was at the house as well. We all cried together and prayed as a unit. Surprisingly, my sisters were sad, but they were also strong with me. We all had to sit and talk to the children about what was going on. They could see and hear everyone in the house, but no one had sat down to talk with them. I had also notified my best friend Nicole, she was so good with words to. I had asked her to sit with us to explain to the kids. While we were trying to get the kids situated to talk, we saw it was going to be impossible with the little ones. So we took the big kids only, Theo, Junior, Dajah, AnaRosa, Isaiah, TJ, Mikala, Janecia, and had a long talk.
By the fifth hour, my cousins arrived, Sandy, Gina, Shawnee, Mikey, Lex,
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