The Most Influential Television Series Of All Time

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Opener: Think about what you all want to be when you grow up. Maybe you were influenced by your family, maybe your friends, or maybe even where you grew up. Interesting enough, I was realized what I wanted to do after being influenced by the best TV series.

Thesis: Criminal Minds is the most influential TV series of all time.

Audience Connection: It should be the next TV series you watch on Netflix.

Preview: Today I will convince you why Saturday Night Live influential but telling you what the show is all about, awards it has received, and the effects it has had on society.

I. So what exactly is Criminal Minds? A. For one, it is a popular TV series that many people view. 1. According to Wikipedia last updated on December 13, 2015, Criminal Minds premiered in September 2004 on CBS. 2. There have been eleven seasons that consist of between 20 and 26 episodes. This is important to put in perspective because it has aired for longer than some very popular TV series such as friends with ten seasons, Friday Night Lights with five, and The Office with nine. B. Criminal Minds is a police procedural drama thriller. 1. It features the Behavioral Unit of the FBI. The people that are part of this team profile the behaviors of the killer in each case in order to figure out who it is. 2. Each episode is about the team solving cases about people who may murder, take people hostage, and committing other horrifying crimes.

Transition: Now that we know what Criminal

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