The Most Memorable Challenge In My Educational Career

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The Most Memorable Challenge in my Educational Career The great English writer Samuel Johnson once said, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”. One time in my life that I remember this being especially true was in my second-grade class taught by Mrs. Whitmore. I had excelled in reading and writing, and my math skills had been respectable up until that point. It was time to take on the what was soon to be dreaded multiplication tables. I can flashback to taking those timed tests with ease; the colorful posters filling the walls, the hushed murmur coming from all the students as the test was being passed out. I would come to find out these tests would be my arch nemesis of my whole second-grade experience. I failed over and over again, I got unbelievably frustrated, and most of all, my little second-grade self’s brain was filled with self-doubt and wondered if I was “stupid” or not. The failure and multiplication tables, and my eventual success showed me that failure does not always mean incompetence, but a lot of the time it is because of a mental limitation I put on myself. The first time I failed the multiplication table test will forever be engrained in my memory. I remember being fairly confident about the test going into it, but I was in for one of the worst testing experiences of my life. There I was, a little second-grade Tanner, with the loud buzz of the pencil sharpener in my ears as Mrs. Whitmore walked down the aisles of desks passing

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