The Most Notorious Pirate Of The Restoration

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Blackbeard: The Most Notorious Pirate of the Restoration When people think of the golden age of piracy many things come to mind. From buried treasure, sword fighting, stealing loot and drinking rum, the golden age of piracy is one of the most exciting elements of the restoration period. Along with those elements there were many famous pirates that highlighted the restoration. Although there were many famous pirates of the restoration period one name usually comes to mind, Blackbeard. His iconic image has shaped the way that the world has viewed the history of pirates. From hollywood movies to video games, his fearsome personality and ruthless behavior has made a huge impact on popular culture. Although some believe that Blackbeard was greatly romanticised after his death, Blackbeard was the most feared pirate of the restoration period because he instilled fear in the hearts of people who happened to cross his path by taking what he wanted, and utilizing his fearsome image to establish his reputation as the most iconic pirate of the restoration.
The golden age of piracy began in the 1650s and extended all the way through the 1730s. Little is known about blackbeard before he began flying the black flag. In many books and articles his name is often given as either Edward Teach or Edward Thatch there are many different variations of his name but it is likely his true never be known for sure. Some scholars believe that Teach was likely raised in Bristol which at the time was

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