The Most Powerful Weapon Of Earth Is The Human Soul On Fire

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Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch (1920) once wrote “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” Nevertheless, what sets the human soul on fire? For many, it is possessing the passion to accomplish great endeavors, being righteous towards all human beings and maintaining a balance of equality in the world. Doing so requires a leader who espouses respect and demonstrates power. However, many individuals in such positions are conflicted with the classic stockholder versus stakeholder challenge which suggests it is easier to make shortsighted decisions that are only in the interest of a select few while sacrificing the wellbeing of a greater population. The stockholder versus stakeholder conflict has always posed a threat to disrupting a leader’s focus, but true passion and well-developed power can overcome such conflict so that a leader may work towards the greatest benefit of the organization he or she commands. In the New Millennium, leaders must be ever aware of the changing landscape in which they operate. In developing an understanding of the global marketplace in which humans must coexist, it would be futile to underestimate the impact that information technology (IT) has in defining how objectives are achieved. While technology has made our lives more efficient, it also presents interesting challenges when it does not function as expected or does not provide immediate benefits to hasten our thinking. Creighton University’s Seminar: Business and IT

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