The Most Promising Performing Artist Of Her Generation Essay

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Hailed as “the most promising performing artist of her generation,” choreographer and director Faye Driscoll unabashedly creates a new and wholly visceral vocabulary to relay the human experience through her work. Often incorporating an eclectic range of elements in her pieces, her ultimate product usually tows the line between dance, theater, and performance art. A Brooklyn-based artist, she grounds her work in a personal “obsession with the problem of being ‘somebody’ in a world of other ‘somebodies.” This seemingly abstract concept is actually broken down, built up and then blown out of proportion through the work, thereby allowing participants to really contemplate our daily performances of self. With evident interest in hyper-theatrics and excess emotionality, Driscoll appears to be one of the few contemporary artists who has taken on a uniquely experimental form to explore the messier aspects of what it really means to be human in a postmodern society. Born in Los Angeles California in 1976, Driscoll earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts. A very private person, there is little to no record of her past or current life online. In an interview with the San Francisco Bay Guardian, she explains that because she “had a lot going on in [her] home that was kind of crazy,” dance became the fluid structure that afforded her the space to finally express who she really was. A member of Doug Varone and dancers, she

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