The Most Protected Part Of Our Body

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The human brain is an extraordinary organ that allows us to separate ourselves from any other species in the world. There is a plethora of reasons why it is the most protected part of our body. An infant being raised by a mother or father is delicate with their child because the skull has not fully developed to protect the brain. Any harm to the brain can cause serious repercussions such as causing the child to become mentally challenged. The human skull does a decent job absorbing any impacts and shielding the brain however, it was not made to take repeated blows. Football, soccer, and boxing are some sports out of many that put the skull at risk. Concussions are a serious issue every athlete seems to be faced with at one point in their …show more content…

The world of sports is a hazardous and unforgiving path. One minute an athlete is the king of the hill and the next, he is falling off that same mountain.
Furthermore, athletes have a false misconception that they are invincible. According to Hoidahl (2015) “The injury may seem like a form of betrayal because their body is not cooperating with the demands, but in reality, the body is telling the host that it needs a break.” No matter how miniscule an injury, it must be taken gravely for it can later hinder the athlete’s health. Later pleading ignorant, Ronnie Lott once amputated his own finger. Although knowing he would be faced with a slow and tedious recovery, his assumption was to rid himself of the problem all together. Often times players are taught “No pain, no gain,” leading to questionable decisions. The players try to ignore their discomfort for the sake of not letting the team down. Ultimately sports are not safe enough for people to play. Roughly “1.6 to 3.8 million concussions occur in sports and recreational activities annually” (Finkbeiner, Max, Longman, Debert, p.271 2016). Several athletes are vulnerable to passing out and losing consciousness for several minutes before waking up unaware of their surroundings. Granting all this, concussions are still not the biggest issue an athlete can face in regard to head injuries.

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