The Most Serious Problems Facing Humankind

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The Most Serious Problems Facing Humankind The world today suffers numerous woes, many of which have been present throughout human history. Human trafficking traps its victims in modern-day slavery. Countries declare war for political or ideological reasons, unleashing chaos and death upon the innocent. Starvation and disease run rampant while governments turn a blind eye. Terrorists commit hijackings and suicide bombings upon everyday civilians. Many more unmentioned obstacles exist throughout the world. Even more ominously is the fact that all of these problems are not confined to one culture or continent. It is clear that all of humanity shares similar problems with each other, despite the fact that our modern world should be more …show more content…

The theory of depravity is a more accurate understanding of our fallen world.
The Theory of Depravity as the Root Cause of Humanity’s Problems
The theory of depravity explains that the world’s problems are caused by the natural evil in every person, regardless of a lack of resources. Not only has every person sinned in their lives, but every person also has an inborn desire to sin. Even the most righteous people have evil desires. This plague was brought to the world after Adam and Eve sinned against God, which caused the biblical Fall of man. Their selfish desire to become their own gods was their own free choice, regardless of the fact that God’s garden satisfied their every need. As a result of man’s disobedience to God, he and his descendants constantly succumb to temptations and quarrel amongst each other for their own personal gain. Thus, the only way to defeat evil is for people to freely choose God instead of their own carnal pleasures. There is no man-made society that can cure evil through political restrictions, since the external world is not the cause of man’s internal rebelliousness.
According to Colson, the fall ruined the holiness of nature, brought death upon the world, and required Jesus Christ to die for every person’s sins. Those who humbly ask Christ for forgiveness will be saved, and can help restore the world to Christ one step at a time. In contrast, Colson explains that those

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