The Mother 's Nutrition And Its Effect On The Development Of The Fetus

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Janice Jefferis is currently in her second trimester. Her first pregnancy was with her son Kamden Jefferis, he is learning how to adapt to a baby by hearing a baby cry and understanding that he will soon have a sister. The second trimester is the middle three months of pregnancy, or sixteen to twenty-four weeks within the pregnancy. During these weeks, the heartbeat continues to become stronger and the fetus begins to make sudden movements.
There are numerous health concerns when carrying a fetus. Diet and exercise are crucial when pregnant; the mother is now in control of the nutrition that is implemented to the fetus However, it is essential for those who are expecting to maintain their exercise regime before the pregnancy. “The mother’s nutrition can have a strong influence on the development of the fetus” (Santrock, 2016, p.82). When a woman is pregnant; the percentage of vitamins increase to 50 percent more than usual, sufficient vitamins and nutrients can prevent preterm babies. Janice consistently chooses her prenatal chewable tablets and vitamins as an active role in her prenatal care, maintaining a healthy pregnancy. However, there are parental factors other than maternal which can damage the fetus if the father is exposed to harmful chemicals or even drugs. “Men’s exposure to lead, radiation, certain pesticides and petrochemicals may cause abnormalities in sperm that lead to miscarriage or diseases” (Santrock, 2016, p.97). Prenatal care allows a mother to be…
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