The Movie Dissociative Identity Disorder

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The movie Split is an American thriller that is centered around the fictional character known as Kevin Crumb. Kevin suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder which leads to him being known as many other names. Kevin is also commonly known as Hedwig, a young boy, Dennis, a perverted man who suffers from OCD, and Patricia, an older classy woman. These are only some of the personalities Kevin has taken on. These personalities began to develop young in Kevin’s life as a defense mechanism to help protect him from his abusive mother. Kevin has many other personalities, some of which are evil. These evil personalities are what give the movie its thriller genre. Kevin kidnaps a girl, and she experiences all of these different personalities until a new one emerges that dominates over the others. “The beast” as it is referred to is the one that causes all the scare factors in the movie. When Kevin sees the damage that his other personalities have done, he is horrified and scared because he does not know how to control himself.
In general, Dissociative Identity Disorder is considered to have many symptoms that are noticeable, though can vary person to person. The basic symptoms include having two or more personalities in one physical body, dissociative amnesia which causes gaps in the memory with changing of personalities, and severe distress from the disorder itself. () Kevin experiences some of these symptoms in the movie, mainly having more than two personalities in one
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