The Movie Les Miserables ( 2012, United Kingdom )

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This project focuses on the movie Les Misérables (2012, United Kingdom). The film is an epic romantic musical directed by Tom Hooper. As a film, Les Misérables is based on a musical by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil that goes by the same name (Les Misérables) and is also based upon Victor Hugo’s French novel - Les Misérables, 1862 (Shoard n.p). This analysis looks at various elements of the movie ranging from the themes used in the film, its genre, artistic movement, the director’s style and the film’s representation on its country’s culture.
The movie tells the story of an ex-convict by the name of Jean Valjean. Mr. Valjean resorts to change his life after getting inspiration from a kind hearted pastor. He ends up being a factory owner as well as a mayor in a one of the town’s in France. Even though he is focused on making positive strides, his past is something he is wary of. Valjean is wary of being recaptured by Monsieur Javert, a ruthless police inspector with the reputation of hunting down criminals and a strong belief that law breakers are not capable of change. One of Jean Valjean’s workers, a woman by the name of Fantine ends up as a prostitute after being cast out of the factory. She ends up dying and Valjean ends up feeling responsible for her demise. To make up for it, he adopts Fantine’s daughter Cosette offering to take care of her. When Cosette matures, they end up being embroiled in the political unrest that took place during the 1832 Paris

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