The Movie ' The Dark Knight ' Essay

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The movie The Dark Knight (2008) is in the genre of superhero films. Superhero films are movies that deal with vigilantes saving the city from criminals. Since the release of superhero films, criminals have become more evil, heroes have become more violent and victims have become more innocent. They have also become more graphic and the crimes have become more unjustifiable. Crime is a key component of superhero hero films and is often used to show injustice towards the state. To control crime, society has to try and deter crime by adding punishment that outweigh the rewards. Some people are biologically more crime oriented than others and it creates natural born criminals such as the Joker, the main antagonist in the movie who constantly challenges the notion of justice. He becomes personal with Batman forcing him to come face to face with his ideals, trying to show him how irrational being good is. Batman, in turn, attempts to put a stop to the Joker’s anarchy with the technology at his disposal. Harvey Dent is considered a symbol of hope because he relentlessly pursues criminals through legal means as Gotham’s District Attorney. The Criminal Justice System is then corrupted by the Joker, which results in the death of Rachel Dawes, Harvey’s girlfriend. The two of them were captured by corrupt police officers and tied to explosives in two different buildings all while the Joker was in prison. The Joker then tricks batman into saving Harvey when he thought that he was going

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