The Mughal System: The Effective System Of The Mughal Empire

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The mighty Mughal Empire which started its reign in India in 1526 with Babur’s accession to the throne started to decline in 1707 with the death of Aurangzeb. The rise of Mughal dynasty was not a single step process. The Mughal dynasty rooted its foundation firmly in the Indian soil in the sixteenth century and faced its end in the hands of the British Raj. The Mughal Empire still remains to be the Extensive Empire in the Indian history. The complete phase of the Mughal Empire can be easily divided into various episodes based on the Nature of the ruler and his impact on his Reign which can be understood by his administrative measures . The Mughals were very clear in their intention they never wanted to loot or steal away the wealth of India instead they just wanted to establish their empire and rule this land of riches and wealth for a substantially long time. This proves that they had a clear administrative …show more content…

Central Administration ii. Mansabdari system iii. Expansion of empire iv. Land revenue system
Among these his Mansabdari system is portrayed to be a perfect example of channelizing the civil and military wings of soldiers who were transferred from each wing eventually. The Mansabdari system according to the sources is seen to be a system of ranking the Mansabdhars based on their capacity of holding cavalries. One best thing about Mansabdhari system is that it follows merit based system rather than allotting powers to influential noble class. This system placed a check on the on-going nepotistic form of Government .
Talking about his land revenue reforms it is inevitable to appreciate his taxing pattern for lands. The earlier system of taxing imposed a rate of 1/6th of the produce to be surrendered to the government. But he brought in the system of classification of lands into four kinds and fixing taxes based upon the nature of the land. This policy was a milestone in his administration .

Degree of influence and

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